DLRD Labs research has produced huge list of ready prototypes in various technologies as follows

 1. Digital audio watermarking for information security

2. Image Stitching Based on Corner detection.

3. Replica move image falsification detection

4. Lossless information hiding for image based on reversible mapping transform

5. Abandoned object detection

6. Pattern Recognition for Visually Impaired People

7. Video stabilization using block motion vector

8. Visual drift based on kanade lucas

9. Shadow detection and removal using paired regions

10. Salient Region Detection

11. Lung Cancer cell detection

12. Biomedical data hiding based on DCT

13. Biomedical data hiding based on RCM

14. Brain tumor detection

15. Fast and Robust Super Resolution

16. Image resolution enhancement

17. Brain Tumor Detection using Scalp EEG with Modified Wavelet-ICA and Multi Layer Feed

18. Automatic Surface defect detection of ceramic tiles using image processing

19. Speech recognition by using hidden morkov model

20. Face Recognition using FISHERFACES

21. Finger print Compression Based on Sparse

22. Iris recognition using multiscale morphologic features

23. A Novel Approach of Transformer Oil Quality Analysis Using Image Processing

24. Lukemia detection

25. Motion estimation by using three step and diamond search algorithm

26. Moving object Detection

27. ARM based Vehicle detection

28. ARM based People Counting

29. Lane detection.


IoT based projects

30. Smart Garbage Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things.

31. Smart Pollution Monitoring System

32.Smart Grocery Management System Using Internet of Things.

On Research projects prototype we are STILL COUNTING…..

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