DLRD – Deep Learning Research and Development is organization of top programmers in India to share their knowledge in hack-a-thon way teaching style. DLRD is equipped with latest infrastructure such as HPC-High Performance computing Facility for Deep Machine Learning Application development. Apart from world class infrastructure for Deep Learning, we also have access to many datasets for deep learning additionally we have our own DATASET Generator Tools and access to many other dataset generators.

DLRD has strong industry collaboration with various companies working in the fields of Big Data, deep machine learning with neural network, high performance computing solution providers such as NVIDIA, Intel, AMD and cloud infrastructure-Services providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web services, Google Cloud Platform. Our Sponsors are Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Tensorflow, kaggle, PFS (Python software foundation).

We started in order to cater our employee need but today we are having over 3000+ requirements in the similar fields.

We started to serve as training institute but today we are the answer to may peoples curiosity in technology.

DLRD is not training institute but DLRD is place where conventional wisdom is always challenged and the new dent in the universe is always created.

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