Many people are aware of Cloud but very few understand what it is and what disruption it can bring in the Software Industry. DevOps is state of art business practices for many giant software companies such as Google, Microsoft etc. Software can be automated but even software development life cycle also can be automated.

  • Devops

  • Automation

  • Cloud Computing

  • CI/CD

  • Microservices

What Will I Learn?

  • Microservices Archetecture
  • Continous Integration
  • Continous Deployment
  • Continous Monitoring
  • DevOps

Audience / Eligibility :

  • Freshers
  • Software Professionals
  • mobile/web Developers


  • 60 Hrs of Classroom
  • 25+ coding Exercises
  • 10 Projects
  • 5+ Publications
  • 6 Hrs/Week

Course Structure

  • Basics of Linux /Unix, Commands, Installation
  • DevOps goals, Important terminology, DevOps perspective
  • DevOps and Agile, DevOps tool chain, configuration management, integration and Deployment.
  •  Jupyter Notebook, Ipython Notebook
  • Introduction to Cloud. Why cloud computing?
  •  Virtualization, Cloud services, Scaling, Elasticity.
  •  Cloud deployment models, hosting management.
  • Nested Clouds.
  • AWS account, EC2- Intro and Types
  • Creating repository, cloning, checkin and committing
  • Fetch pull and remote, branching, switching.
  • Merging the branches and pull request.
  • Introduction to Jenkins, cradle, Slack
  • Introduction to Docker, Pull Docker, run Docker hub.
  • Introduction to Ansible, terminology, commands, how to add nodes to server, Modules, Kubernetes fundamentals.
  • Nagios introduction, architecture, installation.
  • Plugins in Nagios, how to add server to Nagios
  •  NRPE- Nagios remote Plugin Executor, configuration.
  • Remote nodes monitoring with Nagios.


3 Months ( Weekend)

Fees : 48,990/-

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