1.You will not miss any of the lecture in the entire syllabus.

2. You will need to complete all types assignment on time as assigned by the mentors

3. You will need to maintain your Github profile, LinkedIn profile, Your Youtube channel
and other social media such as stack-overflow/techgig with publishing source code
with output images/videos, blogs-vlogs etc.

4. You will need to complete Full-time/Part-time stiffened internship for 4 months with
mentioned rules and regulation in the offer letter.

5. You will need to complete at-least 5 Full stack projects as part of your internship
under stipulated time.

6. You will need to visit local tech events compulsorily with prescribed guidelines during
your 4 months internship tenure and report back to the organisation.

7. You will need to pass all the test/exams conducted by the mentors.

8. You will need to attend any type of communication and soft skills training program
compulsorily during your training and internship.

9. You are willing to work across India as your job.

10. Your salary will completely depend on the employer.

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