Cloud Computing

  •  Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Services
  • Prototyping in Cloud
  •  Cloud Marketplace and Big-Data
20 Hrs


Cloud Computing


Course Objective :

This course will prepare you for the end-to-end process of Digital Transformation practices with  Cloud Computing TO create high performance business practices such as rapid prototyping, new client acquisition, Cost saving practices in IT organisations, Automation Practices for various business processes, building high-level connections and corporate communication skills.

What Will I Learn?

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Services
  • Prototyping in Cloud
  •  Cloud Marketplace and Big-Data
  • Data and Security in Cloud
  • Cloud Adoption and Control


  • 20 Hrs of Classroom
  • 25+ coding Exercises
  • 4 Projects
  • 5+ Publication
  • 16 Hrs/Weekend

Course Structure

  • Brief History of Internet and Cloud Computing
  • Essential Networking Concepts for Cloud Computing
  • Why Cloud is so Popular
  • What are Cloud-services
  • Cloud Adoption and Control
  • Automation in Cloud using API
  • Public vs Private Cloud
  • Data and Security in Cloud
  • Price Vs Prize debate in Cloud
  •  Scaling – Horizontal, Vertical and Auto-scaling in Cloud
  • PoC and Rapid Prototyping in Cloud
  • Creating your own Cloud – Public Private and Hybrid
  • Cloud Marketplace and Big-Data
  • Impact of Cloud Computing on Businesses
  • Unrevealing some promising white-papers
  • Sector wise Analysis and Predictions – Cost savings
  • Experts opinions – eg. McKinsey, Gartner, S&P, Moody’s etc.
    for new business opportunities
  • Pathway to stay updated in Cloud Space- who should you
    follow on social media, journal, magazine, rating agency etc.
  • Pathway to stay updated in AI/ML Space


2 Days ( 16 Hrs/Weekend )

Fees : 5,500/-

Value Added

  • Technology Marketing Essentials
  • Effective Communications Essentials
  • Superb Presentation Templates
  • HPC Cloud Access
  • Executive Social Media Profiling and Presence
  • Contacts, Network and Community Access
  • Free Events Passes for next 3 Month with our Member Organization
  • Business Networking in Hi-Tech – Connects and Contacts
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